Staff-Line Services: Employment & Recruiting

Finding the best possible talent is critical for every organization. Staff-Line provides the expertise to help you find, interview, screen and hire employees while remaining in compliance with employment laws.

Employment Interviews
Direct Placement/Temporary Staffing
Pre-employment Testing (non-drug)
Physicals and Background Checks

Employment Interviews
We will provide a legally compliant employment application and train your supervisors in its use. We also provide guidance on how to properly conduct interviews and retain records. We also provide standard Confidentiality and Non-Compete Agreements at no cost, with custom Agreements available on a fee-extra basis.

• application compliance
• structured interviews
• ADEA, ADA and EEO compliance guidance
• confidentiality agreements
• non-compete agreements

We can train your managers in recruiting and interviewing techniques that will help you hire the best possible employee for the job. We can screen all job applicants to your criteria, conduct initial interviews, and send qualified applicants to you for final interview and decision. This will not only reduce your exposure to the legalities of interviewing, but will save you a great amount of time.

• ad design and placement
• resume reviews
• background verification
• cost per-hire analysis and control
• Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Direct Placement / Temporary Staffing
Staff-Line is a member of the Ethan Allen Personnel Group. Ethan Allen has been providing employment services to the Hudson Valley since 1969. Ethan Allen provides direct placement and temporary staffing services and clients of Staff-Line enjoy discounted pricing on these services. Our capacity to offer such a full range of human resource management services is unique in our industry.

• direct placement
• temporary staffing
• temp-to-hire programs

Pre-employment Testing (non-drug), Physicals and Background Checks
Numerous skills / aptitude / personality tests are available that increase chances of a ‘good’ hire. Physicals and Background Check costs are discounted through our vendors and savings are passed along to you. We handle all administration and documentation.

• discounted costs
• administrative time